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Call for expressions of interest from SMEs to participate in a pilot study.

Understanding how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) engage in best practice sharing to enhance leadership practices is essential for inclusive economic development and sustainable firm growth. Employee engagement activities designed to create a sense of belonging is one such essential that promotes a work culture based on trust and respect for workplace diversity. Indeed, diversity drives creativity and innovation and, in line with this ambition, we run a pilot project to assess:

  1. How SMEs engage in best practice adoption, improve and refine best practices

  2. What motivates SMEs in sharing and adopting such practices

  3. How inclusive leadership practices contribute to wider organisational outcomes

The objective is to enhance knowledge transfer among SMEs through co-creation and collective learning of working practices that improve wellbeing at individual, team and organisational level, and thereby productivity and operational efficiency.

Benefits for participating SMEs include

  • Expert workshops and coaching free of charge

  • Gift cards for individual participants

  • Managing diversity through inclusive leadership practices contributes to positive attitudes, wellbeing, performance and other organisational outcomes, such as employee retention, employer branding and business impact

Eligibility criteria

  • Company size between 10 and 249 employees

  • Leadership commitment for the duration of the observation period

  • Preferably located in the West Midlands or East Midlands


Phase 1 runs from December 2022 to June 2023.

The current call is for Phase 1. We also accept expressions of interest for Phase 2, the timing of which has yet to be confirmed.

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